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Daniel Gil and wife Abby published a children’s book together

And it’s adorable.

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In an Instagram post yesterday, Daniel Gil and his wife Abby announced that they have published a children’s book called The Little Ninja: Go, Ninja, Go! Daniel wrote the words and Abby created the illustrations for this adorable tale about overcoming obstacles and doing your best. In the Amazon description, Gil says “I put my core values and personal stories into the book and, as a Christian, I love to use my platform to build others up. Kids will be able to relate to this book because they love obstacles and adventures! I believe kids from all sports and backgrounds will be entertained and encouraged.”

Gil has long dreamed of writing a children’s book, so who better to team up with than his wife? There’s even a review from Gil’s mom on the back of the book: “In his first book, Go, Ninja, Go! Daniel has captured a memory of his younger self. He was always playing, climbing, and jumping on everything he saw - full of fun, no fear and focused. This heartwarming story, and these colorful pictures, will inspire your own “Little Ninjas” to work hard and be their very best.”

The Little Ninja: Go, Ninja, Go! is available on Amazon or get it directly from the Ninja Coalition here.

Congrats to Daniel and Abby!