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Halloween is coming…bring on the Ninja costumes!

Drew Dreschel, Jamie Rahn, and Jessie Graff are always popular costumes.

Bo Benignus

Halloween is just a couple of days away, and we can’t wait to see all the Ninja costumes that fans will create this year! Fans have been rocking ANW Halloween costumes for several years now. Some are elaborate. Some are simple. Some are super clever. But all are fantastic, because they’re Ninjas!

It has become somewhat of a tradition around here to share the Halloween costumes of American Ninja Warrior super fans each year (and we never get tired of it!). If you’re still in need of inspiration—or if you just love anything Ninja-related like us—enjoy these ANW costumes of the past.

If you’re going to dress up like Daniel Gil, you’re going to need beautiful hair!

Christine DeFerrari

And maybe your buddy will want to dress up as The Kid, so you can take on the Power Tower together!

Stacy Lee

Drew Dreschel is always a popular costume. If you have a Real Life Ninja Shirt, you might be able to find a few accessories around your home to complete the look.

Sandy Burnison
Deatra Nocito

What kid doesn’t want a corn dog prop? Of course, with Jake Murray, the prop could change every year!

Dawn Kleiser

Jamie Rahn sure makes it easy to create an easily-identifiable costume.

Dan Arnstein

This little one’s hair makes being a Grant McCartney look-alike the perfect plan.

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We have found my #miniMe #MiniIslandNinja

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If you’re planning to run a speed course or make some daredevil moves, Ethan Swanson is the costume for you. Be sure to complete your look by doing Ethan’s signature move, The Swan!

Dawn Kleiser

These families and friends really outdid themselves with a team effort! Take a look.

Rebecca Greene
Grant Gorski
Bo Benignus
Christine DeFerrari

Will there be any whole family Ninja costumes this year? Which Ninjas will be represented? Any rookies? Will anyone have the same plan as this amazing youngster?

If you can’t make a final decision, you can always go with Taylor’s strategy – the more Ninjas represented, the better!

Rebecca Greene

We can’t wait to see which costumes pop up in the next couple of days! Be sure to drop your Ninja Halloween photos in the comments or tag us on Instagram! We’re hoping to do a round-up of this year’s costumes after Halloween.