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Reflecting on season 11: Episode #4 – Kenneth Edwards is a Ninja on the Rise

This Ninja and OCR athlete is putting in the work.

Matthew Hayward/NBC

The cast, crew, and all involved seemed hit the jackpot when it came to the Tacoma Qualifiers—the indoor course and daytime hours received rave reviews from practically everyone.

Today, we’ll focus on a Tacoma competitor who hit the jackpot for a different reason—her got a winning walk-on lottery ticket! Kenneth traveled all the way from New York to Tacoma without a guarantee that he’d even be able to touch the course. Luck was on his side that night!

Kenneth, a dedicated OCR (Obstacle Course Race) athlete, came prepared. He demonstrated his strength and skill as he completed the first four obstacles. Obstacle #5, the Lightning Bolts, took him down, but he was in good company. The Lightning Bolts took out 24 other Ninjas. In fact, out of the 96 Tacoma competitors, only 43 Ninjas made it to the Lightning Bolts, and only 18 survived them So even though Kenneth’s performance wasn’t quite good enough to get to City Finals, he had a strong rookie performance, outperforming over half of his competition in qualifying.

Kenneth is clearly strong in both mind and body. He competed in his first OCR competition on April 20, 2018, and he’s been doing it ever since, even finishing his first Spartan Super in July. It looks like he is enjoying the Ninja life too, preparing and hoping for a callback for season 12!

He’s been training with Ninja buddies and picking up new skills.

With his positive vibes and strong work ethic, we think he’ll continue to achieve his dreams!