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Grant McCartney used his Ninja skills to win a unique prize

Ninjas were in the house for Game 2 of the World Series!

Grant McCartney

This year we witnessed a Ninja win a million dollars. In other competitions, we’ve seen Ninjas win smaller sums of money, trophies, medals, Ninja holds, and even a car. We’ve never seen a Ninja win this though…

Thanks to ANW fans who gave them the heads-up, Grant McCartney and Nate Burkhalter found out about a local competition called “The Worlds Serious Obstacle Course”. Held at Jumping World in Houston and hosted by The New 93Q, whoever had a clean run in the fastest time would win tickets to Game 2 of the World Series, featuring the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals!

Come out this morning to run the obstacle course for a chance to win tickets to Houston Astros World Series Game 2 courtesy of Papa John's Houston

Posted by The New 93Q on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Grant and Nate must’ve known their chances would be good. They made a pact that whoever won would bring the other one to the game. They walked into Jumping World with hoodies up, in an attempt to blend in. Clearly, their cover was blown at some point, because they were being interviewed by local radio personalities before they even ran the course!

Yes actually Ninja's!!! Winners of the obstacle course to win @Houston Astros tickets to World Series Game 2 courtesy of Papa John's Houston Grant Mccartney Nate Burkhalter - No Limits Ninja Warrior

Posted by The New 93Q on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

They were the last two contestants to run. Nate thundered through the course with a time of 27.34, beating the previous record by 7.17 seconds.

Then it was Grant’s turn. He made it look a bit too easy, shaving another 5 seconds off the course record, and winning himself World Series tickets—a pretty sweet prize for 22 seconds worth of work!

Many fans know that Grant has an extensive bucket list. We’re not sure if “using Ninja skills to win World Series tickets” was on it, but either way he can check that one off!

For the full video/edit of his winning experience, keep an eye on Grant’s Instagram account. It will be posted soon!