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Watch this crazy balance course perfected by Olympic skier Andri Ragettli

Andri Ragettli is a champion skier with the perseverance and balance skills of a Ninja!

Andri Ragettli

Ninjas are known for pushing the limits and putting together insanely creative training courses to challenge themselves & their fellow Ninjas.

He’s not a Ninja (yet!), but Swiss Olympian skier, Andri Ragettli has just put out a new training video that makes us think he must be a long lost BFF to Drew or Ethan or Jake! He would certainly fit in with all of our favorite Ninjas and their crazy cool antics.

Watch Andri’s version of “The Floor is Lava” below. We know all the Ninjas have played it at one point or another, but we think even the top Ninjas will be impressed with this version! It’s full of creativity, energy, and major skill.

Who’s inspired? Who is contemplating hopping on the next plane to Switzerland to try it? Whose brain is already reeling with ideas for training videos as innovative as this?

We know it’s a legit course when Andri says it took him 232 attempts to complete it! And it’s also another reason why we think this guy would fit right in with all our Ninja faves. Perseverance and a never give up attitude are a couple of our favorite themes in American Ninja Warrior.

Seeing Andri’s crazy course put us in the mood to see more. Here are a few more from some of our faves:

It’s not a full course, but Drew definitely has some fancy moves!

Share your challenging and innovative courses with us, and tell us how many attempts it took to perfect it. We can’t wait to watch!