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R.J. Roman has high expectations for himself in the coming seasons of American Ninja Warrior

And he has a track record for going after and achieving his goals!

David Becker/NBC

Did you hear R.J. Roman’s prediction during his ANW Podcast interview this season? Maybe “prediction” isn’t a strong enough word…more like expectation. R.J. Roman expects himself to win the entire American Ninja Warrior show by the time he is 25 years old.

Whoa… Drew was 30 years old. Isaac was 33. But R.J. is confident. Determined. Passionate. And 22 years old. After listening to R.J.’s perspective, and all of the life events that brought him to this point, we believe him. He’s a goal-getter and he’s willing to put in the work.

Season 11 was only R.J.’s second season. R.J.’s impressive rookie season took him all the way to Stage 2 of the National Finals. In season 11, he once again made it to the National Finals, going all the way to Stage 3.

R. J. is mindful of what he brings into his life. When Nikki Lee asked him what it was about the sport of Ninja Warrior that grabbed ahold of him, R. J. knew the answer instantly—the positivity.

R.J. didn’t grow up with positivity in his life. He lived with his mom, older sister, and twin brother—all of whom frequently made bad decisions and lived a negative lifestyle. R.J. made the conscious decision to take a different path. “I took it upon myself to go the opposite way and try to find something more positive,” he said. “I try to help other people stay more positive, and not fall into that negative lifestyle.”

Being a part of the Ninja community helps R.J. surround himself with positivity, helpfulness, and support. After appearing on season 10, R.J. further immersed himself into the Ninja community by taking a coaching job at a Ninja gym in Florida. He takes his job seriously, saying, “It’s super important for me to be a good role model, just in my own mind, for my own satisfaction…I have a really personal connection with all my students. We have a really close relationship.”

For more on R.J.’s personal story, as well as his Ninja journey, take a listen to the American Ninja Warrior Podcast here or below. (You’ll learn more about his musical career too!) He is a driven Ninja who knows what he wants in life and works hard to get it. R.J. hopes that his success will teach others that, “setting goals for yourself is super important. I’m only able to do this because of my own hard work, because I want to. Work hard. Stay positive.”