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Jamie Rahn has a Ninja challenge for you…

Stick It or Lick It!

William Gray

Ninjas tend to be a fun, adventurous, and brave bunch. And Jamie Rahn’s long-standing “Stick It or Lick It” challenge is proving that these Ninja adjectives are right on point. If we had any doubt that these people who spend multiple hours a week (or a day!) climbing, leaping, swinging, and flying through the air were full of fun, adventure, and bravery, this challenge removes any question.

Jamie first introduced this challenge on Instagram in May 2018. Take a look.

Even though he mentions that no one seems to like the #StickItOrLickIt challenge as much as he does, Jamie has gotten quite a bit of participation from the Ninja world. Ninjas have been taking to Instagram to show off the precision, control, agility, and balance required to “Stick It”, while other Ninjas have entertained us with their failures, and the consequential “Lick It”.

It’s no surprise that Jamie’s ability to stick it is pretty amazing.

Jimmy Choi put his own unique spin on Stick It or Lick It.

Nick Hanson took a challenge from a kid in Alaska. This one didn’t work out so well for him…

Junior Ninjas everywhere are taking on the challenge!

For more #StickItOrLickIt challenges by both junior Ninjas and adult Ninjas, go to Jamie Rahn’s Instagram, and click on his “Stick o Lick it” highlight.

If you’d like to try the #StickItOrLickIt challenge, but need a little more inspiration first, check out this montage of FIFTY challenges by Jamie Rahn.

Your turn! Video yourself in a #StickItOrLickIt challenge. We want to see you stick it! Or…..lick it!