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Flip Rodriguez shared his submission video and it’s got us thinking

Flip’s mask is back on and it could mean a few things.

Flip Rodriguez posted his 2019 American Ninja Warrior application video on his YouTube account. (Yup. Even famous Ninjas like Flip need to send in a video application every season.) The video has an air of interpretation and mystery about it that has us mulling over all the possible translations. Help us dissect this thing and share your thoughts on what it means!

The video starts with Flip dreaming about the moments he’s fallen on American Ninja Warrior.

He then heads out to train, but he does it with his mask on. That immediately raised a flag because Flip famously removed the mask for season 8 and hasn’t returned to wearing it on the show.

(In season eight, Flip shared that he wore the mask to help him feel safe. He’d been sexually abused in his youth. You can watch Flip discuss that here. Removing the mask was his way of taking a step forward and opening himself up to discussing his past.)

The training session is going great. Just as Flip pulls off the mask, the lights flicker.

Flip tosses the mask aside and heads back to his training. As he does a shrouded figure walks by the camera. (Was not ready for this. Jumped a little.)

Now everything is different. The gym is dark and Flip is struggling to maintain his grip on the obstacles. The spooky figure has donned Flip’s mask and is stalking him around the gym.

Stop it. Go away.


After one more fall, Flip collapses to the mat in frustration. The figure stalking him approaches and puts a hand on his back. Flip looks up just as the video goes to black.

On YouTube, Flip included this statement in the video description:

“The constant battle inside of my head. When FAILURE plays a huge role of whether or not we should continue to be the best version of ourselves. I ask you, What do you see when you look in the mirror?”

So does the mask represent Flip’s fears or maybe his past? Why is it that when he removes the mask, he starts to have trouble with his training? Could it possibly mean that removing the mask has opened him up to experiencing more or new fears? Is it referencing that maybe he felt more confident with the mask on? When he faces the figure in the last scene, do you think the figure is trying to hold him back, or encourage him to go on?

Head to the comments and tell us what you think the video means.