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Jessie Graff had the most adorable reunion with Sammo Hog

They’ve been apart for 10 months while Jessie was filming.

American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff had to leave one of her great loves behind for months and THANK GOODNESS that’s over with!

Jessie had a pretty good reason she couldn’t take part in the season 10 National Finals of American Ninja Warrior. She announced that she’d landed her dream job as a stunt person on the upcoming Wonder Woman: 1984. The role had her hopping all over the globe for what seemed like most of 2018.

But this also meant that one very important part of Jessie’s life couldn’t join her on the journey: Her pet pig and training partner, Sammo Hog. Obviously, long days on set and tons of travel don’t make the perfect environment for a piggie.

We’re sure it was so hard for Jessie to leave her friend behind. Those that follow Sammo Hog on Instagram (Who WOULDN’T follow a cute pig on Instagram?) know that Sammo waited for her mom to return on a lovely ranch. In Jessie’s Instagram Story accompanying the posts, Jessie explained that, in addition to her travel, Sammo couldn’t be at her home while the floors and walls were being redone. So she found the perfect place for Sammo to take a pig-cation.

Just after the New Year, the two had the reunion they were waiting for! Sammo couldn’t believe her eyes at first.

But soon enough, the love was flying! LOOK AT THAT SNUGGLE.

That was exactly the kind of fuzziness we needed to see today. Sammo isn’t home just yet while construction is still taking place, but we’re so happy her mom Jessie can now visit with her!

Fun fact: When Sammo was a wee piggie, Jessie asked me to watch her while she went to do a course run. It was going delightfully until, I SWEAR, I only blinked and Sammo broke into Jessie’s backpack and pulled out espresso beans for a snack. Jessie walked back over just as I was trying to pry the bag out of Sammo’s mouth. I was never asked to pig-sit again. I’M STILL SORRY, JESSIE.

Minutes before chaos broke out...