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Which city should Ninja Warrior visit this year?

There will be at least one new city visited for season 11.

Cooper Neill/NBC

We recently learned that American Ninja Warrior will soon reveal the 2019 taping dates and locations. We also learned that within those locations, at least one will take place in an area never touched by the show before.

We know it’s within the contiguous United States, so we won’t be in Nick Hanson or Grant McCartney’s backyards for season 11. (That’s Alaska or Hawaii. And yes, bummer.) That still leaves a lot of open ground to cover.

Where would you like to see American Ninja Warrior go?

Last year, Ninja Warrior set up camp in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis. Only Minneapolis was a new city, as the show had previously visited all the others. What are your thoughts? Where would you like to see the show head?

Remember to take into consideration that the show generally films in the springtime, between March and June. The tapings also take place overnight. So weather and temperature in an area come into play when making the picks.

Jump down to the comments and tell us what city you think would be a perfect pitstop for American Ninja Warrior!