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The final standings before the NNL World Championships are in

Points have shifted around a lot in the final competitions.

With just about two weeks left before the National Ninja League World Championships, the qualifiers have concluded and the final points are in. We previously reported on the top five men and women in the pro divisions, but things have definitely changed up.

It’s important to keep in mind what these standings mean. As we previously described:

“Depending on how many NNL competitions the athlete has taken part in, and their ranking, they’ve been accruing points. The points determine their rank in the league heading into the final competition, as well as their run order on that day.”

The level of competition is nothing to sneeze at. Previous NNL Championship winners include: Geoff Britten, Jesse Labreck, Allyssa Beird, Drew Drechsel, and Olivia Vivian (who we just saw on USA vs The World).

Here are the final standings in the NNL Pro divisions.

Pro women’s division

1.) Meiling Huang: 107 points

2.) Rachel Brown: 104 points

3.) Abby Clark: 96 points

4.) Allyssa Beird: 79 points

5.) Jane Greenebaum: 78 points

Pro men’s division

1.) Judas Licciardello: 106 points

2.) Joseph Meissner: 73 points

3.) Sam O’Brien: 64 points

4.) Julius Ferguson: 61 points

5.) Matthew Van Brunschot: 56 points

These athletes and many, many more, will take on the National Ninja League’s World Championship, which begins on February 16 in Hartford, CT.