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What is your pick for season 10’s MVO (Most Valuable Obstacle)?

Which was the best at taking out Ninjas last year?

David Becker/NBC

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, one big question is who will take home the title of Most Valuable Player (MVP). It’s an honor to receive, indicating the team benefitted heavily from that players participation.

We thought about asking you which American Ninja Warrior would be your season 10 MVN (Most Valuable Ninja), but it seemed like we’d end up with pretty limited pool of responses. Drew Drechsel was the last Ninja standing and he and Sean Bryan were the only Ninjas to advance to Stage Two.

So we’re going to reshape the format. You know how we like to say it’s Ninjas versus the course, not Ninja versus Ninja? Let’s pretend the course is an actually team in this matter.

If the goal was taking out Ninjas, which contraption would be the Most Valuable Obstacle of season 10? To help you make your decision, we’ve included which obstacle took out the most Ninjas on each course.


  • Qualifiers: Catch and Release - 30 Ninjas
  • City Finals: Nail Clipper - 11 Ninjas

Los Angeles

  • Qualifiers: Doorknob Drop - 27 Ninjas
  • City Finals: Baton Pass - 7 Ninjas


  • Qualifiers: Fly Wheels - 25 Ninjas
  • City Finals: Cannonball Drop - 10 Ninjas


  • Qualifiers: Cannonball Drop - 32 Ninjas
  • City Finals: Cane Lane - 9 Ninjas


  • Qualifiers: Lightning Bolts - 22 Ninjas
  • City Finals: Lightning Bolts - 11 Ninjas


  • Qualifiers: Ring Jump - 38 Ninjas
  • City Finals: Iron Maiden - 11 Ninjas

National Finals

  • Stage One: Double Dipper - 26 Ninjas
  • Stage Two: Wingnut Alley - 11 Ninjas (Before you ask, Deja Vu took out 10 Ninjas)
  • Stage Three: Ultimate Cliffhanger - 2 Ninjas

Keep in mind, almost 100 competitors try the course during Qualifiers, while no more than 35 continue on to the City Finals. That may change the way you weight a “fall” from each obstacle while making your decision. Do you think the National Finals obstacles are more important that the city obstacles? Or is it the Qualifying obstacles that really weed out competitiors? Does it matter to you which Ninja fell on an obstacle?

Jump down the comments and tell us your pick for Most Valuable Obstacle! Or most evil obstacle, however you want to look at it.