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Application period for season 11 of Ninja Warrior is now closed

Here are some Ninjas who cut it a little close!

David Becker/NBC

As of last night, the application period for season 11 of American Ninja Warrior has closed. That means hundreds of returning and hopeful Ninjas were frantically editing late into the night, all trying to hit that 11:59pm PST deadline.

Previously, we shared some of the veterans who got a jump on their applications. But it looks like not everyone was that early to the game. Here’s a smattering of veteran Ninjas who pushed things off a little too close for our comfort (or indicated they planned on hitting the deadline!).

At least now they can breath easy... for a day or two. Soon, the “wait for the call” will begin as every Ninja who applied wonders if the producers will welcome them back to the course.

Good luck to everyone who applied!

Kenny Niemitalo

Thomas Stillings

Nick Kostreski

Jessica Clayton

Gabe Hurtado

David Campbell

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Adam Rayl

Nick Hanson (who we have no doubt still got his application in on time)

Josh Levin

Quest O’Neal

Tremayne Dortch

Brian Burkhardt

Mike Meyers

Daniel Gil

Can you taste it? Season 11 is taking its first steps towards reality.