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This Lego Ninja Warrior course has a meaningful idea behind it

Daniel wants to make scary obstacles more accessible.

Legos and American Ninja Warrior go hand in hand. We’ve seen this before. Fans create detailed and complex courses out of them. There are videos where Lego versions of your favorite competitors run through the obstacles. Even Lego itself has gotten involved with their own videos. There’s just something about the ingenuity of both things that makes a natural crossover.

However, Daniel Zipadelli’s personal reason for making Lego Ninja Warrior courses hit us right in the feels. He said, “I started doing this three years ago to give kids and adults the opportunity to visualize their obstacles in a fun, less scary way. I continue to design sets for children, families, and businesses like the Real Life Ninja Academy, and New Era Ninjas to help all of us reach our goals.”

Daniel has a National Finals course on Lego Ideas where he hopes to gain enough votes to turn his idea into a produced set. He also shared some photos of the set he made for Drew Drechsel’s Real Like Ninja Academy. Daniel was asked by the Real Life Ninja Academy to design their gym and products out of Legos. The photos below are from the Franchise Expo South Event in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where we’re sure it drew many onlookers to check it out.

Look at the detail in this thing.

Never forget the importance of balance obstacles.

There’s even a tiny, custom Drew Drechsel at the top of the Warped Wall.

We love the idea that this is a way to look at intimidating obstacles in a more approachable light. Keep building, Daniel!