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Najee Richardson deserved that buzzer more than most

His run on Stage Two was about more than just points.

Najee Richardson ended season 10 of American Ninja Warrior in one of the most agonizing ways possible. He expressed his anxiety over the new underwater obstacle due to the fact that he has asthma. Controlling his breathing after all that exertion would be a challenge. Unfortunately, the worst came true. When Najee struggled to hold his breath underwater, he ran the clock down, timing out just a few feet from the buzzer.

Najee got a second chance at the course when he was selected for Team USA in USA vs The World. Taking on Stage Two again was about more than points for the team. It was about redemption.

Before he could get to the Water Walls, Najee needed to handle the tricky obstacles that came before it, like Deja Vu.

The entirety of Team USA knew how much this meant to Najee and they were there for him.

This was Najee’s third time successfully completing Wingnut Alley.

Then he faced the Water Walls. Najee gathered himself and checked his pulse before starting.

Basically the entire American Ninja Warrior fandom was holding their breath along with him.

It was an incredibly emotional buzzer for Najee and all the fans that wanted to see him get the redemption he deserved.

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