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Australian Bryson Kline made one heck of an American Ninja Warrior debut

He cleared the incredibly difficult Stage Two.

American Ninja Warrior audiences were introduced to Bryson Klein on Stage Two of USA vs The World. At 20-years-old, he was the youngest member of Team Australia, but he’s already well-known in their country’s Ninja Warrior competition, where he’s made it to Stage Two and finished fifth overall. Between his extensive rock climbing experience and his circus training, Bryson is a natural Ninja.

But Stage Two of the National Finals is no easy task. In season ten, only two Ninjas, Drew Drechsel and Sean Bryan, were able to complete the course. Which is why Bryson’s run blew the audience away.

You can watch the full run above.

Stage Two had two defining obstacles. They’re roadblocks to success. The first was Deja Vu. With Bryson’s circus training, he was able to figure out this trapeze quickly.

The second defining obstacle was Wingnut Alley. This has taken out so many Ninjas who had their sights set on Stage Three. Bryson collected himself and went bravely into all the big leaps.

He knew timing would be a factor. Najee Richardson had already completed the stage in this heat with a time of 3:50.86. With that in mind, Bryson saved seconds by lunging into the Water Walls without even putting on the goggles.

The strategy had Bryson at the buzzer at 3:42.83, bringing home two points for Team Australia.

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