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The NFL ProBowl Skills Showdown needs more Ninja

There are so many obstacles that would be great in this!


We’re just going to come right out with it. We were hoping for more Ninja from the 2019 NFL ProBowl Skills Showdown.

The annual friendly competition pits players from the NFC and AFC against one another in various challenges. It’s pretty light hearted, including dodgeball and moving targets flying above the players’ heads.

For the past two years, the Showdown has had a little taste of Ninja Warrior mixed in there. That’s because A. Smith and Co, the production company behind ANW, also produces the NFL event.

This year, the main tie to Ninja came once again in the form of the Gridiron Gauntlet, which is basically a small obstacle course.

But, is that really enough Ninja? We think there’s a huge missed opportunity here. This competition has all the potential to utilize some great Ninja Warrior inspiration. There are SO many obstacles that could get worked into the Showdown! (We’re not the only ones who feel this way, BTW.)

The Floating Steps

Football players have to have fast feet, right?

Cooper Neill/NBC

Cannonball Drop

Those hands have to catch and hang on to flying footballs. Let’s see that grip strength!

Jason Koerner/NBC

Double Dipper

This would just be fun. See if they can catch a ball as they whip to the dismount.

David Becker/NBC

Water Walls

Those games are long. They have to have on-point cardio and breathing control.

David Becker/NBC

Warped Wall

Well, just, why not? We bet someone would get it!

What American Ninja Warrior obstacles would you like to see in the 2020 ProBowl Skills Showdown. Let’s start campaigning for this now!