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USA vs The World: Watch Barclay Stockett’s full Stage One run

Can she put the past behind her on Jeep Run?

David Becker/NBC

USA vs The World is where the Ninjas get to put it all on the line. While they’re not running for the $1 million prize, they still want to make their team and their fans proud. It’s an interesting competition because it allows the Ninjas a second chance at the National Finals stage or obstacle that ended their forward progress in the regular season.

For Barclay, that was Jeep Run on Stage One, she hesitated before the first leap to the rings and the lack of momentum put her in the water. When she was selected for Team USA, it was her chance to change that outcome.

Watch Barclay’s full run above to see if she can put the past behind her... and what other exciting accomplishments might be in store!