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Check out this quick preview of USA vs The World

The competition looks intense in this short clip.

Warning: This could be considered a spoiler, so proceed with caution!

We’ve been starving for new American Ninja Warrior lately, so once USA vs The World was announced, we sunk our teeth in. The special competition will air this Sunday, January 27, at 9pm on NBC. We’ve gone over the team rosters and new aspects to the show and we’re completely excited.

It looks like Entertainment Tonight Canada released a small teaser for the show on their Twitter account. We haven’t seen anything like this from any other source yet, so we’re digging into it!

The preview shows a pretty gnarly save on the Double Dipper from Oliver Edelmann of Team Europe. (That’s who it looked like to us. Correct us if we’re wrong!)

Najee Richardson of Team USA flies through Wingnut Alley on Stage Two. It looks like he’s on his way back to seek revenge on the Water Walls that ended his regular season.

Mathis Owhadi is out to prove that it was no fluke he was selected for Team USA in his rookie season. He’s whipping through Stage One in the preview. Ashlin Herbert of Team Australia looks a little shook.

And Team USA looks pretty darn excited about it. We have a feeling good things are afoot.

Only a few more days to wait to find out how the action goes down on USA vs The World!