My top thirty American Ninja Warrior competitors from the modern era

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

I consider the modern era of ANW to be season seven and up. I saw Universal Tubers video and decided to make a list of the top ninjas in the modern era, this is my opinion so say your list in the comments.

30. Charlie Andrews

29. Austin Gray

28.Niel Craver

27.Grant McCartney

26.Brent Steffensen

25.David Campbell

24.Tyler Gillet

23.James McGrath

22.Josh Salinas

21.Lorin Ball

20.Nicholas Coolridge

19.Travis Rosen

18.Ryan Stratis

17. Thomas Stillings

16.Josh Levin

15.Chris Wilczewski

14.Brian Arnold

13.Sean Bryan

12. Adam Rayl

11.Ian Dory

10.Jessie Graff

9.Jake Murray

8.Flip Rodriguez

7.Jamie Rahn

6.Najee Richardson

5.Daniel Gil

4. Isaac Caldero

3.Geoff Britten

2. Joe Moravsky

1.Drew Dreschel

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