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We have questions about this stunt from Jake Murray and Grant McCartney

Someone please explain this to us.

We’re used to seeing Ninja stunts on Instagram. We find them all impressive because in all honestly, we couldn’t even pull off what would seem like the most basic of them. American Ninja Warriors Jake Murray and Grant McCartney are no strangers to these types of clips. They’re always jumping and flipping around.

But Grant recently posted one on Instagram that has us making this face.

It’s not the grandest clip. It doesn’t make your palms sweat from the dizzying heights. It’s just that... Well, watch it for yourself.

We have questions. So many questions.

How did the idea of this malarky come about? How did that conversation go? They both definitely put themselves at a bit of a... risk. How’d they pick who was going to be on the slack line and who would be on the trapeze?

Grant’s caption on the video indicates that this wasn’t their first attempt and some fails did take place. Exactly how many times did they practice this before they didn’t smack into one another?


Oh well. At the end of the day we’ve learned not to spend too much time trying to understand a Ninja’s motivations. That’s the zen of Ninja life philosophy in action.