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Here are your top Ninja Warriors, voted on by you

The results were wide and varied.

We love it when fans share their American Ninja Warrior opinions. Part of what keeps the show fresh is the ability to view and interpret the stories, runs, and competitors in your own way, through your own lens.

User NinjaMush21 put up a FanPost detailing how he would lay out his top 30 Ninjas. We shared it on social media and asked the readers to chime in. The responses were so wide and varied that we wanted to share them with you. We gathered the replies to the FanPost on Facebook and Twitter and charted out the results.

Now, let’s get something out of the way. This is not scientific. We’re not scientists, and Facebook and Twitter comments are not the most linear, clear way to gather results. When we saw a name, we added it to the chart. So to even get on the chart, the athlete needed at least one vote.

We were expecting the heavy hitters to take the lead, but we loved how many competitors were brought into the conversation. 34 Ninjas made an appearance in the convo threads. There were veterans and rookies. There were Ninjas who weren’t National Finalists last season. Selecting your “top five” Ninjas is incredibly subjective and based on the qualifications that are personally meaningful to you.

It’s awesome. Keep your Ninja Warrior opinions coming!