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Poll: Which daring Ninja-save is your favorite?

Flip Rodriguez and Drew Drechsel both pulled off show-stopping saves.

It’s not really a controversial statement to point out that Drew Drechsel and Flip Rodriguez are both incredibly talented American Ninja Warriors. Flip and Drew have both made it to the National Finals in Las Vegas six times. Both are well known competitors that the fans look forward to watching year after year.

Need more proof that these two can basically pull off Ninja magic? Check out these two saves.

Here’s Flip, well, flipping into a Jumping Spider, not locking in and somehow not hitting the mat.

And here’s Drew falling on an obstacle and somehow saving it without using his hands.

These two used to have a friendly rivalry. That’s been put to bed over the years, but let’s have a little fun with the idea. The two videos have been making the rounds on the Ninja Warrior online communities and one Instagram user had a suggestion...

We’re here to please and we know Ninja fans love a good debate!

So, which Ninja-save was better? Take the poll or tell us in the comments!


Who saved it better? Flip or Drew?

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  • 51%
    Flip Rodriguez
    (83 votes)
  • 48%
    Drew Drechsel
    (79 votes)
162 votes total Vote Now