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A bot is generating Ninja Warrior names and it’s hilarious

It’s also pretty accurate.


We downright love watching people’s reactions to American Ninja Warrior. The contestants, the obstacles, the stories; You have to admit, it’s a LOT to take in at first. One fan (we’re just going to assume they’re a fan) decided to bring technology into it and we are IMPRESSED.

Adam Liss, @Manaliveprod on Twitter, started small. He fed the names of past ANW competitors into a program that then generated names and jobs. (Okay, first of all, how did he get the names of ALL the past competitiors? That’s some dedication right there.)

Brent Bendy and Luck Haster? We don’t know who to pick! We also need to go update our resumé to reflect our career as a “Professional Worker.”

But then Adam went ahead and trained an AI bot to basically live Tweet an ANW episode.

Mike BernardO would never fail the Rolling Bum!

The Spinning Whees? Don’t show the producers this account. These obstacle names are GOLD.

Okay, JJ Woods is a real Ninja, however, he is not a Medilag Researcher.


Someone please draw us the Spinning Brop. We need to see it.

Our one complaint is that the bot only seems to create male Ninjas. Our female Ninjas have names and occupations as well! But besides that, we hope this thing quietly tweets for all eternity and one day takes over our job.