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2019 USA vs The World

USA vs The World: Watch Mathis Owhadi on Stage One

The rookie is out here to prove he’s got a place on this team.

Najee Richardson deserved that buzzer more than most

His run on Stage Two was about more than just points.

Australian Bryson Kline made one heck of an American Ninja Warrior debut

He cleared the incredibly difficult Stage Two.

Jesse Labreck reflects on her massive USA vs The World accomplishment

Again and again, Jesse proves she has more to give.

USA vs The World delivered upsets, redemption and new records

Personal missions were fulfilled on the way to the trophy.

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: USA vs The World

Sunday, January 27 at 9/8c on NBC.

What are your USA vs The World predictions?

What does the brand new competition have in store for us?

USA vs The World: Watch Barclay Stockett’s full Stage One run

Can she put the past behind her on Jeep Run?

Update: USA vs The World will air 9-11pm, January 27

The program will start at 9/8c.

USA vs The World will air on January 27

This year’s competition features a new country and women on each team!

Check out this quick preview of USA vs The World

The competition looks intense in this short clip.

Every team in USA vs The World will include women and we’re here for it

Five accomplished Ninjas will join the three teams.

In case you needed a reminder of the talent on Team USA

Five fan-favorite athletes will take on the global competition.

Meet the Ninjas of the all new Team Europe

The team has representatives from three different countries.

Get to know the Ninja Warriors of Team Australia

All of them are stars from Australian Ninja Warrior.