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2019 All Stars competition

A photo-finish determined the new Striding Steps Champion

Thomas Stillings and Joe Moravsky were neck and neck at the buzzer.

Only 2 Ninjas survived the 18 foot distance on the Wicked Wingnuts

Adam Rayl, Ethan Swanson, and Najee Richardson all took flight in the All Stars challenge.

All Stars 2019: Skills competition recap

The new challenges sent the Ninjas literally flying for our viewing pleasure.

All Stars 2019: Team competition recap

Kristine wanted a third win, but Matt and Akbar’s teams were hot on her heels.

All Stars skills competition will feature six dramatic challenges

This is going to be good.

Here are the 2019 All Stars team competition rosters

Matt, Akbar, and Kristine’s picks are on point!

Ninja Warrior’s 2019 All Stars special to air May 26

The special airs Sunday, May 26 at 7pm.