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Jake Murray gives a play-by-play breakdown of his Stage One run

Check out the exclusive interview he gave Ninja Warrior Weekly.

Still trying to digest everything that happened on night two of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals? Work through your emotions one more time with Allyson Felix. She gives a thorough breakdown of the action in this edition of Ninja Warrior Weekly.

She walks us through:

  • The Double Dipper victims
  • Results of the Beard Battle
  • Barclay Stockett and Meagan Martin’s results
  • Jessie Graff’s big announcement
  • Which Ninjas came up just shy of the buzzer
  • Night Two’s finishers
  • Who claimed the top time on Stage One
  • Jake Murray also gives an exclusive play-by-play of his run

All that in just six minutes. WHEW! Check out Ninja Warrior Weekly above.