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Barclay Stockett wants to be the ‘comeback kid’

She’s taking in and learning from everything this season has offered her.

Barclay Stockett referred to herself as “trying to be the comeback kid” after her runs in the American Ninja Warrior Dallas Qualifiers and City Finals. In the Qualifiers, she fell on the Tuning Forks and was visibly shaken and upset with herself. For the City Finals, she relaxed and progressed to the Nail Clippers.

Barclay’s shift in her mindset came from reshaping her perspective on pressure and expectations.

“I would remind myself that expectations are just another form of support. I felt like I had a lot of expectations on myself. Which means I believe I can do great things. I felt a lot of expectations from other people, which also means they just support me and also believe I can do great things and I can hit buzzers.”

Her ‘comeback’ comment referenced that Barclay wanted a buzzer. Stage One seemed like the perfect time to collect that.

She was SO focused on the course. Look at this face as she grabbed the rope from the Propeller Bar.

Barclay kept her body in control on the Double Dipper.

The Jumping Spider is tricky for Barclay, who has a smaller frame than other Ninjas. She nailed the trampoline jump and sealed herself in using every inch she had.

On Jeep Run, there was a moment where she pitched inwards and was off balance.

She recovered, but it caused her to stop her momentum entirely on the fourth tire to re-gain the stability needed to jump to the steering wheel.

Unfortunately, it sapped a little of the spring she would need to make the jump. She came up just a few inches short and splashed into the water.

But Barclay is a determined competitor. This will be the fuel to feed a big comeback in season 11!