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With her busy life, Meagan Martin is still a top competitor

She felt a little unprepared, but her performances said otherwise.

American Ninja Warrior Meagan Martin has stepped up the starting line of Stage One for the past four seasons. Three of those four times, she’s timed out on the course. We all know how strong Meagan Martin is, so it wasn’t a question of IF she could beat the obstacles, it was all about time management.

Heading into season 10, Meagan admitted that her busy life as a model and professional rock climber had kept her on the road during her time to train.

“That amount of travel really impacts my training. I don’t feel like I’ve been training at all. I’ve just been bouncing from place to place and hoping that I’m still in shape basically. I haven’t even gotten to train for climbing the way I normally like to. I’ve just been going from competition to competition. I didn’t have a lot of Ninja specific training this year. At least not nearly as much as I would have wanted to.”

But after saying that, we had proof that Meagan was still in top form. In the Minneapolis Qualifiers, she made it to the fifth obstacle. In the City Finals, she pushed all the way to the ninth obstacle, Iron Maiden.

Heading back to the National Finals for the fifth time, Meagan was poised to get her revenge on the clock.

An unexpected test of the night was the third obstacle, the Double Dipper, which sent 26 top Ninjas packing. Meagan was one of the survivors of the obstacle.

She stopped and carefully measured out the leap into the Jumping Spider. Back in season six, Meagan became the first female competitor to beat this obstacle.

Initially, it looked like she had locked in again.

But a different angle showed that her feet hadn’t made it far enough into the chute. She was on her toes, with her weight pitched far forward. The unbalanced position sent her into the water.

The moment closed Meagan’s season. But it still showed that she’s a top Ninja. We know her life is busy, but we still hope Meagan finds the time to come back season after season!