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Jessie Graff reveals the top secret job that kept her out of the National Finals

We’re sad she won’t be on Stage One, but so excited for the reason why!

Jason Koerner/NBC

American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff is not taking part in the National Finals, although she was one of the top competitors of the season. But it’s definitely not for a bad reason! Before her runs in Miami, Jessie told us she almost didn’t get to compete. She had a “dream job” as a stunt performer and she needed to take care of herself.

On night two of the National Finals, she revealed what she’s been busy with.

Jessie’s top secret job is as a stunt person on Wonder Woman, 1984!

Due to the intense filming schedule of Wonder Woman, Jessie wasn’t able to slip away to Las Vegas. Fans were anxiously anticipating seeing her on Stage One. In season eight, Jessie became the first woman to clear that course and head to Stage Two. Despite her busy work schedule, Jessie had a great season 10. She completed the Miami Qualifiers course and ranked 10th overall.

In the City Finals, Jessie made it all the way to the Stair Hopper and ranked fifth overall.

For the Miami region, Emily Durham will move on to Las Vegas. She’s a Ninja Warrior veteran and has been competing since season seven. This year, she placed third among the women in Miami when she made it to the Slippery Summit. This will be her first time at the National Finals.

Jason Koerner/NBC

We’re so excited that Jessie is making her dreams come true by taking part in the film! After all, can you really think of Wonder Woman without thinking of Jessie Graff?