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Why Tiana Webberley is not competing in the National Finals

An injury prevented her from taking part.

Tyler Golden/NBC

Tiana Webberley, who made it all the way to the ninth obstacle in the Los Angeles City Finals, will not run in the American Ninja Warrior National Finals. Tiana, unfortunately, had an injury occur that prevented her from taking part. Eagle-eyed fans noticed she was wearing a knee brace while watching Mathis Owhadi’s run on night one.

Tiana had her strongest season yet in Los Angeles this year. During the Qualifiers, she fell on the Doorknob Drop and placed 19th overall for the night. Her City Finals run saw her break the “curse” of the fifth obstacle and head deep into the extended course.

Zhanique Lovett will compete in Las Vegas instead. She ranked third among the women in the Los Angeles region, and fell on the Doorknob Drop in City Finals. She had a break out year in season nine when she qualified for the Los Angeles City Finals, and National Finals. This season will be her second trip to Las Vegas.

Tyler Golden/NBC

It’s of course a bummer not to see Tiana on Stage One after she had such a great season. However, Zhanique is a strong athlete and she’s ready for the challenge! We’re ready to cheer her on.