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There’s no denying that Jake Murray claimed his comeback

Stage Two didn’t go as planned, but that doesn’t wipe out his accomplishments.

Jake Murray’s goal for season 10 of American Ninja Warrior was to claim redemption on the course. In season nine, he went out on the third obstacle of the Denver Qualifiers and he never wanted that to happen again.

In Minneapolis, he completed both the Qualifiers and City Finals. Feeling more confident, he loosened up for his Stage One run with a few antics. The attitude change helped him snag the top time of the season on Stage One.

But StageTwo definitely did not go as planned for Jake. The first obstacle was the Epic Catch and Release. When Jake didn’t get enough momentum on his jump, he couldn’t jam the first bar into the catch. He took him several swings to lock it in.

When he did get it, Jake looked frustrated as he climbed on to the second bar.

This time, he had trouble getting the bar to release.

When it did come down, Jake had just been hanging for too long. His arms were tired and jolt peeled him off the obstacle.

No one ever wants to fall on the first obstacle of a course. But Jake had already accomplished his comeback for the season. He’d already proved he was National Finals material. Considering how the fall in Denver motivated Jake, this is just going to serve for more action next season.