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Daniel Gil had a lot to celebrate this season

Three buzzers and $10k. That’s a lot to smile about.

Daniel Gil has had one heck of an American Ninja Warrior season. He brought in the fastest time on both the Dallas Qualifiers and City Finals courses. He also raked in $10,000 with a trip up the Mega Wall. On Stage One of the National Finals, he sped along for one of the top times, coming fourth overall.

Stage Two was a whole new beast. While we were fully expecting Daniel to make it back to Stage Three (he was last there in season eight), these obstacles had other ideas for many of the competitiors.

The trouble started for Daniel on the Epic Catch and Release. Daniel needed to force the second bar back a couple of times before it released.

Daniel was all smiles on the Criss Cross Salmon Ladder with that behind him.

Deja Vu was a new, very tricky obstacle. Daniel studied it as he climbed on to the bars.

After struggling to release the second bar, one side came down before the other.

Since the two bars are strung together, this pulled the first bar off its track as well. The series of jolts knocked Daniel into the water before he could look for an exit strategy.

Daniel’s season ended here, but after everything he accomplished, we don’t doubt his ability to return to the National Finals next year.