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Jamie Rahn gave us superhero moments at the National Finals

His season ended with the difficult Wingnut Alley.

Jamie Rahn stole the show on night one of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals. After one of his shoes fell off on the Propeller Bar, Jamie just buckled down and got it done. Losing the other shoe and sock, he finished the course barefoot, advancing to Stage Two.

There, the six-time National Finalist faced an intense series of challenges, starting with the Epic Catch and Release.

Jamie was level and efficient on the Criss Cross Salmon Ladder.

He needed to save as much energy as possible for the new obstacle Deja Vu. It took out 10 of the Ninjas.

The next two obstacles were familiar to Jamie. He’d handled the Swing Surfer in season nine.

He fell on Wingnut Alley last season and he looked a little tense as he eyed the obstacle.

But the Wingnuts, which ended up taking out 11 Ninjas, were up to their old tricks. Jamie went out on the first transfer.

That closed out Jamie’s three buzzer season. Captain NBC will return in season 11 for more super-human feats!