Questions about Finals

I learned that the Finals were actually in June. My questions are how did they actually run the event.....did every one compete on stage one on the same day, or was Stage 1, just like on TV, broken up on more than one day?

Same question for Stage 2...did everyone compete on one day, and how much time did the two finishers get to rest before taking on Stage 3?

On every run it appears that friends/family of the Ninja running the course are front and center to cheer on their favorite. Do the producers pull the friends and family in and out before anyone else runs the course?

Finally, I am surprised that the results seem to have been kept a secret for over two this because I am not in the Ninja circles or are the producers and Ninja competitors really good at keeping a secret? This goes back to an earlier fanpost I made....if the elite Ninjas are not being paid what is the incentive for them to keep the results quiet? NBC makes money off the hard work of the Ninjas, and I for one would like them to make some money on their efforts.

Thoughts or away!

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