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American Ninja Warrior finale: Full results and all competitors

Stages Two and Three were a masterclass in pain.

David Becker/NBC

There we have it. The results of American Ninja Warrior season 10. The final climb was untested. Only two Ninjas managed to push beyond Wingnut Alley and the Water Walls. Drew Drechsel and Sean Bryan took on Stage Three together. Both fell at the Ultimate Cliffhanger. However, Drew took a faster time, securing himself the $100k promised to the last Ninja standing.

You can read a recap of the episode here.

Stage Two

Stage Two delivered several blows. New obstacle, Deja Vu, was so new that some of the greats weren’t even sure how to best it. Wingnut Alley returned with just as much ferocity as season nine. Let’s not count out the Water Walls, the underwater obstacle that ended Najee Richardson’s run.

  • Falls on Epic Catch and Release: 1
  • Falls on Criss Cross Salmon Ladder: 5
  • Falls on Deja Vu: 10
  • Falls on Swing Surfer: 0
  • Falls on Wingnut Alley: 11
  • Fails at Water Walls:
  • Time out: 1
David Becker/NBC
  • Jake Murray: Epic Catch and Release
  • Nicolas Coolridge: Criss Cross Salmon Ladder
  • Jonathan Stevens: Criss Cross Salmon Ladder
  • Angel Rodriguez: Criss Cross Salmon Ladder
  • Lucas Reale: Criss Cross Salmon Ladder
  • Adam Rayl: Cross Cross Salmon Ladder
  • Casey Suchoki: Deja Vu
  • Mike Murray: Deja Vu
  • Dan Polizzi: Deja Vu
  • Thomas Stillings: Deja Vu
  • Mike Meyers: Deja Vu
  • Eric Middleton: Deja Vu
  • Hunter Guerard: Deja Vu
  • Tyler GIllett: Deja Vu
  • Austin Gray: Deja Vu
  • Daniel Gil: Deja Vu
  • Zach Day: Wingnut Alley
  • Jamie Rahn: Wingnut Alley
  • Chris Wilczewski: Wingnut Alley
  • Brian Burkhardt: Wingnut Alley
  • Josh Levin: Wingnut Alley
  • Karson Voiles: Wingnut Alley
  • Ethan Swanson: Wingnut Alley
  • R.J. Roman: Wingnut Alley
  • Josh Salinas: Wingnut Alley
  • Drew Knapp: Wingnut Alley
  • Mathis Owhadi: Wingnut Alley
  • Najee Richardson: Water Walls (timed out)
  • Sean Bryan: Complete - 21.70 remaining
  • Drew Drechsel: Complete - 38.65 remaining

Stage Three

We barely got a taste of what this course could have done. With the new En Garde, the Ultimate Cliffhanger and Cane Lane BEFORE the Flying Bar, we’re not even convinced it was possible. Drew and Sean gave it their best shot.

  • Floating Boards
  • En Garde
  • Crazy Clocks
  • Ultimate Cliffhanger
  • Curved Body Prop
  • Peg Cloud
  • Cane Lane
  • Flying Bar

  • Sean Bryan: Ultimate Cliffhanger - Clock at 1:28.64 when complete with Crazy Clocks
  • Drew Drechsel: Ultimate Cliffhanger - Clock at 1:02.36 when complete with Crazy Clocks