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Jesse Labreck shares her Ninja Warrior origins

Ever wonder how she got the nickname “Flex”?

The Indianapolis City Finals were filled with jaw-dropping runs and breakout stars, but it was no surprise to see Jesse “Flex” Labreck punch a third straight ticket to Vegas. She’s the first woman to qualify for the National Finals in her first three seasons on the show and, after nearly finishing a city finals course, Labreck may be in a position to make more history later this month.

But before all of that, Jesse sat down with Matt and Akbar on the American Ninja Warrior Podcast to discuss the origin of “Flex”, her Ninja beginnings and future goals. Jesse has been a teacher, a caregiver and an inspiration both on and off the obstacle course and she shared some great insight on this week’s edition of the podcast. You can check out this episode and more via the links below and you can watch Jesse compete next in the Vegas Finals in a few weeks.

Check out the full podcast: