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Madelynn McNeal saved her best run for the City Finals

Relive Madelynn’s inspiration story and run

Michael Hickey/NBC

Madelynn McNeal hasn’t always been the confident fun-loving person we saw on the Ninja course. She struggled with depression and anxiety before one of her teacher’s helped change her life. After that experience, Madelynn has become a role model in her community and, as you may have noticed, a very strong Ninja. Check out her City Finals run in the video below.

After conquering the Archer Steps, Madelynn was on to the Fly Wheels, which replaced Cannonball Drop. She was able to really build up power on her swings and soar past this obstacle.

McNeal took a unique approach to the Wheel Flip as she swung and jumped to each ring rather than using her reach. Just like on the Fly Wheels, she had the strength and body control to beat this obstacle.

After the rolling past Block Run, it was time for the Spin Hopper. Unfortunately, this obstacle knocked out Madelynn in both the City Qualifying and City Finals round. However she was one of only three woman who made it to this obstacle on both nights of competition.

Whether she was on an obstacle, making a crash landing or splashing into the water, Madelynn McNeal had a smile on her face. Ultimately, her positive attitude and fighting spirit was an inspiration to the Ninjas watching on the sidelines and at home.

We hope to see Madelynn next year in American Ninja Warrior Season 11! Until then, be sure to watch the Philadelphia City Finals next Monday to find out who the next empowering story will be!