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We are still amazed by Kyle Schulze’s latest run

You’ve never seen a performance quite like this

Michael Hickey/NBC

Kyle Schulze is proof that obstacles can be overcome. Kyle is a deaf Ninja, but his inspirational message was heard loud and clear by his fans and students alike. Kyle’s run featured one of the coolest moments in the show’s history when he taught the crowd how to simultaneously sign “Beat that wall!” in the middle of his National qualifying run. But don’t take my word for it, watch for yourself!

We caught up with Kyle after his run to talk about his position as a mentor and role model in the deaf community and his rise as one of the best Ninjas in the Indianapolis region.

“Since last season, my life completely changed since I had so many kids and adults look up to me because I was the deaf contestant and they saw, ‘Wow, this person was able to achieve so far and just have fun with it.’ Ever since then, I’ve actually went to different schools and talked to kids in high schools, elementary.”

Just try give them a positive outlook on their life becauseI know exactly what it was like to be bullied growing up being the only deaf kid. Having that struggle. Trying to give them a little bit better chance to be hopeful, to make it through life and have a better outcome.”

“Everyone has their own style and techniques to beat the obstacles. You just have to find whatever fits best for yourself. Other Ninjas advice helps a lot because something I just need a little bit of a change. Every little thing helps. Little thing always make a difference.”

“Ninja Warrior has given me goals for the future. Not just athletically, but also to inspire and affect other people’s lives and make a difference for them, not just for myself. That’s what I’ve been excited about because I have that chance and a position to do that.

If I go far this year, and I plan on doing that, I want to go to Las Vegas. I want to continue on making a difference in this world.”

“I do some yoga. I need to have something where I’m grounded, something I love. I love doing balance courses, just keeping my body in the center. I love doing rock climbing. That helps a lot with mentality. It allows you to get over that fear aspect.”

It’s okay to fail. Just get back up and try it again. I failed last year, but I did an awesome job. Now I have a second chance... It’s not really a second chance, it’s more of like an opportunity to always redeem yourself. To always fix that mistake.”

Kyle’s next opportunity to attack the Ninja course will be in the Vegas Finals which begin August 27!