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Jeri D’Aurelio found her rhythm during the city finals

Jeri continues to inspire us with her performances

Now competing on her fourth season of American Ninja Warrior, Jeri D’Aurelio has gotten comfortable on the Ninja course. Her most recent performance in Indianapolis was strong enough to qualify for the National Finals in Las Vegas.

Jeri’s strong work ethic and positive attitude have been big parts of her success. Whether it’s because of her dad’s drumming or the completion of a big obstacle, she isn’t afraid to smile while on the course. She’s stronger than ever mentally and ready for a big run in Vegas. But don’t take our word for it, read what Jeri herself had to say after the City Finals.

“City Finals this year, I was excited to get the Fly Wheels. I was so excited to swing to the last one, catch and release on the first try. I didn’t see a whole lot of people do that, so I was pretty excited.

By far for me, it’s the agility slash balance. I’ve got good balance when it’s something like a beam I’m doing a backflip on or even a slack line. But when it comes to the courses, it’s generally something unpredictable.”

“I do this because it’s fun. It’s fun and for me it’s a good challenge. It’s so different from any other sport I’ve done. But it’s shocking. When you’re really down on yourself, it’s all the messages that come from (fans) that really bring you back up. Especially a lot of women, when they reach out and they’re telling me it makes a difference to them. It blows my mind. To me it’s like playing on a playground. Then that motivates somebody? When they use the ‘I’ word? Inspired. It blows my mind.

And a little girl was me for Halloween! That was probably the coolest thing ever.”

“This is the first time I’ve taken some big steps on actively trying to control my mental game. Because for the first time I had a really good mental place, on the last season of Team Ninja Warrior, and I could actually feel the difference it made physically. So I was like, if I could learn how to harness this and use it on the real season, I could finally do well! Finally have a performance I’m happy about.”

“My season has been fun! I’m so happy to be in Vegas. I would have liked to play on the second half in Indianapolis, but at least I went far enough fast enough to be here and play.

It feels so good to be back in the National Finals. I just look around and it’s all super stars out here on the course.

My plan to be set up for success will be mostly visualization. Trying to see myself doing the obstacles. Figure out what my key points are that I need to remember for each one. Then that way, when I go out there, that’s the only thing I’m thinking about.

I truly believe I can hit a buzzer on Stage One. I really do.”