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Find out how Trevor West became Ninja’s newest star

This rookie has some serious skills!

On American Ninja Warrior, the competitors face challenges both on and off the course. But as we saw from 20 year old Trevor West, these obstacles can be beaten. During the city finals, West not only conquered the Ninja-killer Cane Lane, but also escaped the Spider Trap to hit his first buzzer.

We caught up with Trevor to get his insights on his massive breakthrough on Finals night in Indianapolis.

“The season has been good. I did pretty well in Qualifiers and then I did much better in the City Finals. So that was exciting. A lot of people were telling me I was very fortunate to be able to that in my first year on the show, which apparently not a lot of people do. That was exciting. Make a name for myself and show that all the hard work that I’ve put in over the last five years has been for something.”

“Favorite memory from City Finals is looking over to my mom and saying I know I’m going to do the rest of it. Once I got to that point, I was like, ‘I got the rest of this.’”

“The National Finals. This has been fun! All these Ninjas in one spot. I had a miniature version of this at another competition I did. But this is great! Hanging out with all them. Going to the gym, rock climbing. I’m really sore though because we’re all hanging out and I’m trying to show off my skills. It’s fun through. It’s been way worth it.

We’ll see how I feel tomorrow when I wake up. Right now, my arms are drained.”

“Training has been a little bit more recovery. Having some bicep tendonitis in both arms. I had torn the ligament that attaches my hamstring to basically my butt bone in February, so I’m doing a lot of physical therapy for that. Still training hard and training a lot of endurance. Lots of rope climbs as well. In case I’m fortunate enough to get to that stage.

I gotta complete it (Stage One). I have no other option. I have to at least make it to Stage Two.”

We will see Trevor and the rest of the Vegas qualifiers when the National Finals episodes begin on August 27!