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Jesse Labreck talks city finals and beyond

Go behind the scenes of Jesse’s latest inspirational run

Michael Hickey/NBC

Jesse Labreck is heading back to the Vegas Finals! For the third straight season, Jesse placed in the top 15 at the City Finals, punching her ticket to Nationals. In Indianapolis, she made it all the way to the 9th obstacle, Cane Lane, before splashing into the water. Although she wanted to make history with a city finals buzzer, she will have a chance to join an exclusive club with a finish on Stage One later this month.

We had the chance to catch up with Labreck after her fantastic run in Indianapolis. Relive her impressive performance on this difficult course and prepare for big things in the future with her interview below.

“My season has been awesome so far. It’s been really fun. I’ve had a blast. I didn’t quite reach my goal in the City Finals. But it was still super fun and I’m just happy that I’m in Vegas.

It feels amazing to be at the National Finals. It’s what we work for all year. Our one goal is to get here. At least it’s my one goal, to get here. I’m really thankful that I’m here.”

“My favorite memory from City Finals is probably getting past obstacle eight. In Cleveland (season nine), I didn’t. It’s hard because you don’t really get to try the back half at all. I was just really happy that I got past that eight one and got to touch the ninth.”

“If there’s one thing I could change, it’s how much I tried to hop the cane over the tiniest little bump EVER! But, you know, mistakes happen. That’s what Ninja is.”

“We change our training up a little bit (before Nationals). I try to work on my cardio a little bit more on obstacles. So we’ll do a set of easier obstacles, just fast. But then we’re also trying to work on our strength too. That way if I do get to Stage Two then I’m still strong enough.

I’m going to try not to stress out. Not get too nervous about the course. Just be confident in myself going into (Stage One).

My expectation is to hit that buzzer. It’s been my expectation every year. It hasn’t happened. So we’ll see what happens. But I’m just really thankful that I even get another chance.”

Find out if Jesse hits her first buzzer in Vegas when the National Finals begin on August 27!