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Can Eric Middleton get Matt and Akbar to eat a scorpion this time?

All he’s got to do is get to the buzzer on Stage One!

David Becker/NBC

SPOILER ALERT! This is a full run from night two of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals.

All season long, Eric Middleton has added a little extra pressure to his runs. As an Entomology student, he believes that bugs are a great source of protein and energy and he wants to get them into more people’s diets... Starting with Matt, Akbar and Kristine.

During the American Ninja Warrior Minneapolis Qualifiers, Matt and Akbar agreed to eat a tempura fried tarantula if Eric reached the buzzer. And they kept their word when he did.

Eric fell on Iron Maiden on the City Finals, so he did not make Kristine Leahy eat a lollipop with a mealworm in it. He did that himself.

Now, he’s on Stage One of the National Finals, and he didn’t forget a snack. This time, if Eric reaches the buzzer, Matt and Akbar will take a big bite of a candied scorpion. YUM.

Do the hosts have to open wide? Find out in the clip above!