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Mathis Owhadi looked back at his lightning fast run for Ninja Warrior Weekly

Allyson Felix had the big task of breaking down the episode.

Allyson Felix broke down all the shocking and jaw-dropping action of night one of National Finals for Ninja Warrior Weekly. She definitely had a lot of ground to cover.

Allyson went over Jamie Rahn’s historic shoeless run and some of the shocking season ending moments. We took a look at the victims of the Double Dipper, including Joe Moravsky and Travis Rosen (ouch!). The Spider Jump took out both rookies and veterans. Even if a Ninja didn’t fall in the water, they were contending with the time limit as well.

Moving on to the first group of 12 Stage One finishers, Allyson had Mathis Owhadi himself give a post-run interview about snagging the fastest time of the night, just two seconds faster than Daniel Gil, who also makes a fun guest appearance in the video.

Check it all out above!