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Austin Gray once did a 62.5 inch standing box jump

Get to know one of season 10’s breakout rookies.

Over the course of season 10, we’ve learned a lot about rookie Austin Gray’s generosity. While in the middle of preparing for his first American Ninja Warrior season, waiting for the call to compete, he donated his kidney to one of his best friends. The recovery cut into his training time before he would run in Minneapolis, but that didn’t stop him.

Austin went on to hit the buzzer on Stage One at the National Finals. After that, he sat down with Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila and we got to know more about the fun-loving young man behind the serious story.

Like, for example, how he once played World of Warcraft for 62 hours straight and once did a 62.5 inch box jump.

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