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Here’s Matt Iseman in a crop top because... sure

Do you really need more context than that?

Dear readers,

Look, I don’t what to tell you. This is an article about Matt Iseman wearing a crop top. I didn’t know this was going to be part of my work day.

Okay, here we go. (Inhales deeply.)

Matt Iseman, one host of American Ninja Warrior, stopped by the Megyn Kelly Today show to discuss all things hot and trendy (apparently). One topic on Friday, August 24, was a new crop top released by ASOS.

Matt’s game for anything. We’ve seen him break a foot trying out Ninja Warrior obstacles. So really, what did he have to lose here?

Yes, he wore it. Yes, he posed.

We really can’t add any further commentary to this. We’re done. Goodbye.