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Fans collectively wept over Joe Moravsky’s Stage One fall

A whole lot of people screamed “NO” at the exact same moment.

This is a tough one to talk about, but here we go...

Joe Moravsky has (before Stage One of season 10) stepped up 26 American Ninja Warrior courses. He’s fallen six times total. Four of those times have been on Stage Three. He’s never fallen on Stage One. This is all to say Joe Moravsky is the king of consistency. And yes, we were fully expecting him to make it back to Stage Three, at least.

(Here it comes) On Stage One of season 10, Joe fell on the third obstacle, the Double Dipper. The moment raised a collective scream from the Ninja Warrior fan community.

Just as Matt Iseman was saying, “Joe got through this last year, but it’s caused real problems tonight...”

THIS happened.

Akbar read all our minds and immediately ripped into Matt for “jinxing” Joe.

Joe’s face said it all.

That’s Joe’s family on the sidelines. His wife, Stephanie, is on FaceTime.

Stephanie, we FEEL you.

Cutting to Matt and Akbar, the seasoned hosts still hadn’t pulled themselves back together.

The fans... took it hard, to put it politely.

If there’s one thing all this shows, it’s that there is an immense amount of support for Joe Moravsky. The fans want to see him go far. We want to see him back and want to see him get his revenge!

But also this...