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Daniel Gil’s season really couldn’t be going much better

He hasn’t faltered for a second.

There’s a having a good season on American Ninja Warrior. Then there’s having a Daniel Gil season on Ninja Warrior. So far during season 10, Daniel has had the fastest finish in the Dallas Qualifiers and the City Finals. He scored the $10K Mega Wall and he hit the buzzer on Stage One of the National Finals.

The only “snag” so far was when Daniel came in second place during the first night of competition on Stage one. But he was beaten by Mathis Owhadi, who has been trained by Daniel Gil for years. So we’re pretty sure that felt like a joint accomplishment for the two.

This isn’t a shock to Daniel. He spends the whole year setting himself up for success on the Ninja Warrior course. He told us he plans on going farther than ever before.

“My expectations for myself this year, like every year, is to go farther. The farthest I’ve gone is Stage Three, so this year it’s Stage Four. I feel stronger than ever. I feel healthier than ever and I’m ready to take on the even more difficult courses they’re going to throw at us this season.”

Take a closer look at Daniel’s beastly Stage One run.

The Double Dipper. We don’t like it. Daniel survived it. That’s all that matters.

After the Jumping Spider, he ran into Jeep Run. Daniel had a perfectly smooth strategy through the new obstacle.

There was one awkward misstep on the Warped Wall. However, Daniel had enough momentum that it didn’t stop him.

On the Twist and Fly, Daniel ended up taking a lot of extra swings, especially on the second set of handles.

He remedied that time by landing super high on cargo net. He barely had to climb at all.

Daniel clocked in with a blistering time of 1:46.65 and a smile on his face.

Think Daniel can keep it going and beat Stage Two? We’ll find out on September 10.