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Jesse Labreck closes out another commanding season

She put up a strong run on what was a very difficult course.

Jesse Labreck has been a top contender from the second she stepped on the course. As a rookie in season eight, she qualified for the National Finals, a first for a female athlete on the show. She roared back in season nine, hitting the buzzer on the Cleveland Qualifying course and once more advancing to Las Vegas.

In Vegas, she was just a few feet from history. On Stage One, Jesse fell on the cargo net of the final obstacle as time ticked down in front of her eyes. Timing was something that was definitely on Jesse’s mind as she took on Stage One again in season 10.

After beating the Indianapolis Qualifying course and placing 12th in the City Finals, Jesse told us how she’d be prepping for Stage One: “I try to work on my cardio a little bit more on obstacles. So we’ll do a set of easier obstacles, just fast. But then we’re also trying to work on our strength too. That way if I do get to Stage Two then I’m still strong enough.”

As Jesse started the difficult course, she looked focused and determined.

We don’t need to remind you what damage the Double Dipper inflicted that night. We were thrilled to see her get through it.

The Jumping Spider took out Jesse in season eight, but she’s since honed her strategy on it.

At the very end of Jeep Run, Jesse stumbled over the final wheel. It landed her precariously close to the water. The audience gasped as she scrambled her feet away from the edge.

The impact of the fall might have taken the wind out of her a bit. Jesse needed two attempts to clear the Warped Wall. Time was now going to become an issue.

Things seemed to come undone on the Twist and Fly. Jesse lingered on the first set of handles, swinging back and forth and around and around. When she did make the jump to the second handle, her right hand couldn’t grip on.

There’s certainly two ways to look at this run. Jesse fell in almost the same place she did in season nine. After her incredible season and past progress, it was disappointing to not see her claim the buzzer that should be hers.

However, she DID have an incredible season. She also made it much farther down the course of Stage One than many other competitors. And she was once again SO close to hitting the buzzer.

So we’re happy for Jesse Labreck, and we’re predicting a breakout for her in season 11!