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Ninja Warrior Travis Rosen gives an update on his broken ankle

The legend experienced one of the lowest moments of the season.

Fans of American Ninja Warrior are no stranger to heartbreak. Not a season goes by where someone’s favorite doesn’t advance through the competition. While we’re used to seeing people splash down, seeing someone get injured is another kind of hurt.

Travis Rosen has got to be considered an icon on the show. Through his nine seasons, he’s completed Stage One six times (one of those times was Stage One of Sasuke in Japan). He’s also reached Stage Three once. He now trains for Ninja Warrior along side his son, and many of his students are starting to filter into the ranks of the competition.

One thing that’s always struck us about Travis is his unwavering calmness. Slight smile, even voice, intently listening when others speak to him and ready with a thoughtful response. There seems to be no difference between his attitude on and off the course. Including when his Stage One run delivered one of the lowest moments of season 10.

After a strong showing in the Indianapolis Qualifiers and Finals, Travis took on Stage One. The Double Dipper wrenched many Ninjas into the water that night, but when Travis launched himself towards the landing pad, his leg slammed into the edge of the mat, breaking his ankle. Even while experiencing that pain, he didn’t panic. Travis raised his leg, indicated to the crew he needed assistance and calmly told them it was broken. But that was a devastating end to his season.

Earlier in the year, we talked with Travis about how he remains so composed. He also shared his overall expectations of his time on Ninja Warrior. Included below is his update on his ankle.

David Becker/NBC

“This is my ninth season. Every year, every obstacle makes me nervous. No joke. I think that’s a healthy nervousness. If you overlook any obstacle, you’ll wind up in the water. I try to attack every obstacle the same. Break it down mentally, be really aggressive, and one obstacle at a time.

Over nine years, there’s definitely been a lot of inspiration from the fans. The messages I get. People telling me how much I’ve meant to them. There was one email I got recently. Someone was telling me how I inspired them so much they named their child after me. Which really blew me away. It was a great learning lesson for my kids because I try to tell them how we all have an impact. No matter where we are. No matter if we’re on national TV or in a school room. It really drove that point home well.”

David Becker/NBC

“I started this back in season two. Little did I know that this little, obscure show would become the national phenomenon that it is now. It’s a huge privilege. I’m just thrilled to be here again.

Obviously with Ninja Warrior, we’re dealing with obstacles. Literal obstacles. But it’s such a great tool for the figurative obstacles that everybody faces every day. You have to know how to persevere, how to prepare, how to overcome the challenges that are before you. My years on Ninja Warrior have helped me become a better Ninja, sure, but it’s also helped me be a better man and father and husband. Because I know better how to work out all the different challenges in life.”

Michael Hickey/NBC

“We have to train really hard for this. It continues to get harder every single year. Compared to season two, the course is a nightmare now. It’s so much harder.

For me, my mental strength is through prayer. Honestly, I pray a lot. I pray for weeks leading up to a competition. That really helps me have the confidence and the boost I need when it comes time to step up to the course.”

“Every year my expectation is to go to the top of Stage Four. I’ve come close. Even though I’m 43 now, I still think I’ve got some gas left in the tank. I still want to get to the top of Midoriyama.”

WARNING: There’s a pretty gnarly photo of his ankle if you scroll down. You’ve been warned.

After night one of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals aired, Travis shared an update on his injuries.

We’re all wishing Travis a speedy recovery and an epic return to American Ninja Warrior once he’s ready!